As I get older and the joints in me start to creek….I hit the one thing that brings tears to my eyes.


I have always had an issue with my back since being hit by a car and I coped with it, although the reduction in my life was hard to grasp especially as I had been a soldier but I was alive

I have spent 25 years now battling my injuries but no one had warned me about the excruciating pain that Sciatica brings.

At 0350hrs this morning I wake up in chronic back pain but unable to move my left leg, and pain in the right. The fight or flight kicked in and I wanted to flee…problem…couldn’t get off the bed.

Sitting her drained, aching worrying about bed time as it has been every morning for the past week….hand in hand with a drop in temperatures.

I wish there was something the GP and consultant could do.,