This is my gorgeous cat Fudge. Now I never wanted a cat and have always been a dog owner….but one day some years ago I opened my front door and spot a starving cat on my porch steps….she was covered in fleas, bitten, her back bone showing due to starvation and she has been hit with something.

I called the RSPCA and was left disappointed from the conversation especially as I told them she looked unwell….and that I had a JRT….my other dog Sandy who was 14 at the time and didn’t like cats.

No help, no concern and a quick cancel of my DD to them…I was advised by the cats protection league to build her a waterproof house as it was 5 weeks for them. (I have a sneaky feeling they knew the outcome already).

I duly built her a home and everyday fed her and she wolfed each meal down as if her last.

We had taken our grandchildrens’ playhouse and boarded up the windows. Lifted it up on pallets, carpeted it, put in a waterproof fur lined pyramid and there she stayed for some 5 weeks.

My heart was breaking as she looked so lonely….but she was scared and we had to give her space.

One night I was up in the early hours as my autistic grandson would not settle and in the kitchen I hear a meowing from the back door. I opened it and in she popped.

I was frantic….omg the dog….but Sandy just sniffed her and seemed to recognise she was unwell, as after that he occupied the first step in the stairs and she the second. She was a blessing as we had lost our other JRT to cancer and Sandy was lonely.

We eventually got her to the vets as we did not want to stress her out and we found out she was only 2. She was half her body weight even after feeding her regularly…the vet reckoned she would not have lasted much longer….if not for picking us.

Her fur and skin were awful, and she had been hit with a bat or something….that made me cry….

The vet said it was not worth upsetting her to redo it and to let it be….

Fast forward and as you can see there is a beautiful fat cat who lives us and our JRT Zeus, as sadly Sandy had passed away at 17…

She has her own fur rug, sleeps where she wants and has the best of food….and for me….well I am currently feeding another 3 cats. My son thinks I am turning into the mad cat woman of the Simpsons….but the love I get from them is a pure joy.

If a cat continually comes to you…feed it and make it a home somewhere…you won’t regret it.

I don’t especially as she curls up to me in bed at night….she is worth everything.