The Daily Express today writes that remaining MPs are planning on impeaching Boris and replacing him with Hammond.

This is totally expected of a group of self serving MPs who are defying the will of the people for their own personal gain. Boris was elected by the conservative party members as per their own legal rules, and now a bunch of MPs who frankly should have been kicked out of parliament are now planning to impeach him on lies and made up accusations and replace him with a man who has constantly talked down Britain, who has constantly thwarted our will and who will sell us out in further ways to the EU.

This would result in further battles in the courts as how can a man who is not acceptable to the electorate members become the PM? The effect would be loss of membership in the thousands as I will cancel mine and the conservative party might as well wind themselves up and cease to exist as the Brexit Party will pick up their votes.

Democracy is dead in the water under Hammond and his ilk and civil disobedience is getting closer and closer because of self serving dishonest MPs, and purely for their own selfish gain they have declared against the people.