I have read with interest about Prince Harry and his wife suing the Mail on Sunday for breaching the Data Protection Act of 2018 for publishing his wife’s letter to her father.

I think this is heading for a big no no for the pair of them and could turn the tide of journalism against them. After all could you expect privacy when you send someone a letter as it stops being your letter when you send it someone without their asking, instead it becomes theirs. Otherwise the law should surely state that when you have finished with a letter you must return it to the owner and not discuss it.

The letter she sent to her father belongs to him and he decided to share it with the papers for no money but just a sad desperate attempt to show that he is not the way she has painted him. Infact the Tig will show this as up until Harry she referred to him as a sweet, loving father. Fast forward and he is the devil incarnate and the Duchess’s friends have spoken to the paper supposedly on her behalf, so surely the expectation of privacy has gone out of the window.

The Royal Family cannot decide to allow the journalists to attend for good PR and then expect them to stay away from bad PR. We all know the story of Meghan and her father, and it is a sad one and one that I personally feel he doesn’t deserve but she opened the door on it as all we see is a sad lonely man who has given his daughter everything, and having lost my own father to treat someone like this is not a nice trait.

I feel that all the Sussex family have done is alienate the media and the British people more and more as we have to listen to the lectures on environmental campaigns whilst they do the opposite, listening to him talking about greed when we know that they themselves live an opulent life that we pay for and we dismiss this just as hypocritical…but this is too far as we know that she has had a previous life and marriages before Harry and now the papers will go after them as it has to show her lack of credibility, and I fear that the only losers in this battle with be Meghan and Harry.

Maybe it is about time he took some advice from his brother and just let the criticism pass as it had been forgotten about, especially regarding the letter contents and now he has dragged them up and the only people who will benefit from this are the papers. After all it sells gossip.

There will come a time when Harry and his wife will be overshadowed by the younger Royals such as George, Charlotte and Louis and he will need the journalists to be on their side as sadly she is and always will be an actress and needs to be in the limelight, and the tide could well have turned after all surely it is better to say nothing and let it become yesterdays news.