Judges making political decisions

I find it wrong that a judge can decide to interfere in political decisions especially when the judges in turn sit in Scotland. Scotland has its own parliament and there has been no inference from England, yet they deem to interfere in Parliament, whilst howling for independence.

Does that mean that as an English person I have no rights and no representation with respect to the decisions taken by my government? Scotland has theirs as well as Ireland and Wales, yet England has none.

The PM has taken the decision to prorogue parliament and it is not for judges to sit in judgement of a government decision as they interpret the law and do not make it. That is for parliament and if parliament do not like it….then they need to change it.

Otherwise what is the point of having a parliament? Just give it to the judges and a dictatorship.

We in England need an English parliament as I for am sick of the likes of the SNP, Plaid Cymru and NI making decisions that are not in their remit…….

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