Parents of Jihadi Jack brand Sajid Javid a coward via

How dare they brand Savid Javid a coward for protecting UK citizens, whilst ranting on about their son getting justice

Where was the justice when the Yazdi women and children were being raped and murdered? Where was the justice when they murdered men and boys from the tribe? Or women too old to sell or rape? Where is their justice

Where is the justice of the foreigners who were beheaded on camera, or the gay people thrown of buildings?

Where is the justice for the mass murders and the blowing up of the innocent?

These stupid individuals complaining about the decision taken by the then Home Secretary should look to themselves. They produced a murderer and for me their will be no true justice until he is executed, and they are serving a long prison sentence for sending him money.

Join your son as none of you are welcome here. Go explain to people who have lived through hell and back, and whose responsibility for their pain rests with your son and his equally moronic friends…..why he is being treated unfairly and see how far it gets you.

If I was the Kurdish commandant he would have been shot straight away.

Look to yourselves and accept the responsibility for producing that killer, but don’t blame someone for protecting us from your spawn….that is his job.