On Monday just gone, I had the privilege to attend my Granddaughter’s sports day. What is extraordinary I hear you say….well my granddaughter, along with my youngest grandson attend a special school

The children have all forms of disabilities but that does not stop them from enjoying what is the highlight of the summer for me.

The classes competed as countries and there were 16 obstacles and the winner was the country with the largest number of points.(her team was the USA and came 3rd)..well to say it moved my heart to watch these children give it their best is an understatement

My granddaughter as I have realised is an ace putter, rower, footballer and hockey player…(my grandson was at hospital appointment), but not only did I feel pride in her achievements but clapped enthusiastically when every child took part.

The sheer guts and staying power of these awesome kids put the rest of us to shame, and if you ever get the chance to attend a special schools sports day then go …you will be moved and amazed.

I told my granddaughter after watching her…”my darling, you can achieve anything in life” and how do I know that….because she like them tries her best and never complains.