I very rarely get involved in other countries and their customs, but for this sick festival I will make a difference.

The eating of dog meat in China is disgusting and the way they murder these sweet, innocent animals is barbaric and says so much about the immoral, disgusting people who take part.

China needs to stop this as to avid dog lovers like me it is one of the sickest thing I have read. I could hope and pray that they contract the worst type of food poisoning and don’t recover, and it is fact that those disgusting people are getting rabies….but it is not enough.

They should be made to suffer as their lack of concern at the pain and suffering is alarming. You need to look closely at how at risk their children are as it is not a big leap from animal abusers to child killer.

To the President of China stop this disgusting murder of animals and punish them severely, because if not your country will always be seen as barbaric and backward.