Hell is waiting for the paedophile bishop.

Paedophile bishop who was friends with Prince Charles dies aged 87 https://mol.im/a/7172805 via http://dailym.ai/android

There is a special place in hell waiting for anyone who violates children. I personally find it abhorrent that Prince Charles defended him right up until the enquiry…..maybe His Royal Highness would like to get off his high horse and go and apologize to the victims for not believing them, and instead explain why he provided a home for the pervert.

Paedophiles have no place in any society and those caught should be severely dealt with. Actual castrating would be a start …..chemical castrations leaves them with the option of taking it, and they have already proved they cannot be trusted, and giving up that option by destroying a child’s innocence.

I hope before he died the disgrace of a bishop had visions of the hell awaiting him.

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