Conservative Leadership Battle Round 2

I am a conservative voter, and am a member of the tory party eligible to vote in the final round of the leadership contest but having now seen the elimination of Dominic Raab and the just passing the deadline of the others such as Stewart and Javid would it not be the most sensible of approaches to realise that Boris Johnson is the runaway winner and for the sake of unity should those remaining not give him their full support?

The conservative party has been fractured to a damaging level and this can only be fixed by a show of unity. It would also if they swallowed a bit of humility allow them to keep hold of their ministerial cars and positions which is what they want.

My choice was Jacob Rees Mogg but he did not put himself forward, and I backed Andrea Leadsom as she has remained consistent throughout but continued sniping and back stabbing will not look good for them on national TV and I for one am sick of it.

Let’s get back to the issue of Brexit and applying the will of the majority and showing the world that we can succeed, even though parliament has chosen to act against the people. Let’s show the world and Europe that we have faced worse and come out on top, and we can do it again but this will only be achieved by a united conservative party because if not then we have the spectre of Corbyn and the ruination of the United Kingdom.

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