Channel 4 Leadership Debate

Having listened to the 5 players taking part in the Channel 4 debate, I am now doubly convinced that Boris Johnson is now the front runner and must win. They have all put in their ten-bob worth of how they are going to take back control, yet 4of them did not put their head over the parapet and told the PM she was wrong time and time again with that god awful deal, except Dominic Raab.

I just cannot warm to Michael Gove whatsoever as he just comes across as totally dislikeable.  He has stabbed friends politically in the back and is still trying to demolish them on the air.  He is not trustworthy, and he has gone from a man who wanted to Brexit to backing a totally unacceptable plan from the Prime Minister just so he can keep his ministerial car. He would make us look a laughingstock on the world stage as he just flip flops in what wind direction he thinks he can get the price at number 10.  Michael Gove for me is the least likeable of them all.

Rory Stewart. No…but I will give him credit for taking a road show around the United Kingdom and finding out what voters want, but like Gove I really do not want someone who has gotten high because it “was something to do at the time”.  I have not done it, nor do I wish too as I was too busy in my youth serving Queen and Country in the Armed Forces, and in any other profession smackheads and opium morons would not be considered a safe pair of hands.

I do not like Jeremy Hunt as he quotes the usual rubbish of “I respect the referendum vote” BUT…. he would sell us out at the first opportunity, and he does not care what the majority voted for and leaving Brexit with him would cause it to stop and we end up subservient to the EU.

Savid Javid I like him and his views and work ethic appeal to me….Dominic Raab is the only one wanting to have a walk on Brexit and he needs to get behind Boris Johnson and be made the Minister for Brexit along with Jacob Rees Mogg….a dream team.

After watching it….Go BOJO.    

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