This is my dad,Eric and with my mum Theresa. He passed away some 14 years ago now and I miss his wisdom everyday

Heavenly father’s Day Dad as you were and remain the most awesome man in my life. Joined the army in 1944 having lied about his age to fight Nazis and drive his tank….always his tank. Left home at 16 for Europe and returned home at 20 from Palestine.

Joined ICI and worked hard to provide for my siblings and I, and we had a wonderful childhood, along with mum giving us everything they could.

He installed into us a sense of duty and 5 out of 7 of his children joined HM Armed Forces.

He was patient, loving, encouraging and our rock, and if I am as half as good as he was as a parent and grandparent, then I am doing well

I miss you Dad. Thank you for being wonderful and I shall see you again one day.

Love you Dad. Xx