1. What are you aiming to do regarding parliaments decision to overturn BREXIT?  Warrington voted by a majority to leave the EU and the current MP has voted every time against the will of the people, including revoking Article 50 and stopping BREXIT.  How would you show the people that their vote and democracy count and that you will continue to fight for the majority?
  2. The largest threat to all candidates in Warrington is UKIP. So, what will you do to prove that the conservative party is right choice?
  3. There has been an explosion of housing within the Dallam and Bewsey area and this has left us very overcrowded.  There is very little for the children and teenagers to do so would you champion a youth club out of council funds?  This could also double up during the day for people who would like to access training, CV writing and interview techniques etc to go back to work.  Again, this needs to be championed.
  4. The local council has loaned £70 million to a housing company in London, bought a solar farm in Gloucestershire, and other various enterprises yet our bills are continuing to rise, and the council are stating that money is tight due to government funding cuts.  The council has not asked the public what we think is the best way to spend our money.  Would you request a face to face with the council leaders as to why the money is not being spent in the Warrington area?
  5. The elderly in Warrington seem to struggle more and more.  My mother herself  is in a retirement village and the village itself is cutting more and more of the entertainment and help that is needed.  This is leaving the elderly isolated and depressed.  I visit the retirement village on a regular basis and have discovered a lack of qualifications regarding the staff, and.  when I pressed for information about the dementia residents who are waiting to be placed, I was informed that no care is given as “it was not in their role” and that a sufferer can wonder off, and no attempt is taken to monitor them  How would you address the care and everyday living requirements for the elderly? 
  6. Warrington hospital is currently working at a poor rate, and I have witnessed myself patients being left in the corridors.  Would you request a meeting with the hospital executives to find out why the treatment of patients is unsatisfactory?
  7. The park built for the older children next to the church has had most of its activities removed, leaving nothing for the children to do and this is creating an increase in vandalism and questions need asking of the council as to why the items have not been returned.
  8. The police are not a seen presence in the area.  I myself reported an attack by an Alsatian and this is a dangerous dog owner and complaints have been made by other residents, the police have not investigated it and my avenue was involved in an incident where youths were apprehended by us with a stolen TV.  Again, this was reported and no follow up taken.  The presence of the police would be a huge boost for the area and help address burglary as there are a considerable amount of elderly in the area, and also the question of what we are paying for?
  9. The maintenance of the area.  The council are supposed to spray the weeds  in the back alleys, and this has on occasions been reduced to once a year.  Whilst some people are able bodied to take out the weeds, there are those who cannot, and this is putting a blight on the area.  There is also the general maintenance of the area and it looks like a neglected area.  The council need to be a more seen presence.
  10. The current parking issues is very much hit and miss as all the streets in the local area.  Some of the occupants have 2 or more cars and one house specifically can take up to 4 parking spaces.  Whilst I am lucky to have my space saved due to the dip in the pavement, there is a need for one space one person and that all those with 2 or more cars must park off site.  The parking spaces are allocated from number 9 to number 23 and therefore should have designated rows.  It has gotten to the point that ambulances cannot drive down the street, and that binmen find it difficult to get through.  I suggest having a parking permit free for the 1st car registered to your address and further cars pay to park.  
  11. The situation regarding parliament has left a blight on peoples view of politicians, as we have one allowed to vote with an ankle tag, others who have abused the expenses system and there are those MPs including the former Conservative MP for Warrington South did not respond to any emails, and people felt therefore that they were not being listened too.  The British public do not have a high regard for parliament and its current fight against democracy, so how would you go about winning the trust of the people for their vote, how would you show them that it is the real you that they are seeing and not an actor who changes upon election.
  12. Lastly there could be a general election in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years….how do you know you are ready to represent this district?