Leadership Results – Round 1

Seems my preferred candidate Andrea Leadsom has fallen by the wayside, but thankfully so has Mark Harper and Esther McVey.  Sadly, there are now no women in the 2nd round contest and I have a feeling this has something to do with the disastrous premiership of Mrs May, and indeed it could be a long time before we have another woman in charge even though the first female prime minister was to me the best we have ever had.

Boris Johnson is now the front runner with 114 votes, followed but not closely by Jeremy Hunt with 43.  This is a good day for the Brexit supporters in the Conservative Party and I am pleased that Jeremy Hunt is 71 votes behind.  Now those who are supporting Brexit within the party should throw their support behind Boris and show to the country that the Tory party are united, and that they can deliver the will of the people.

We will always have the moaners such as Clarke, Letwin and Grieve who will spit the dummy out of the pram at any costs as they clearly have both feet planted in the EU and its unelected corridors, but this is not about them…..it is about the orderly exit from Europe.  As stated, we are not leaving Europe and do not hate Europe, it is just their bloated, expensive, unaccountable corridors of power where fraud is rife that we are leaving.

Maybe it would do Clarke, Letwin and Grieve some good to get behind the tory candidate who can best do the job, rather than like Grieve threatening to bring down the government in an almighty childish rant, and maybe just maybe they might hang onto their jobs at the next election….

Somehow, I doubt it….but well-done Boris….now onto Round 2.

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