Labours growing anti semetism

Labour MP Rupa Huq accused of anti-Semitism by former employee via

There really is something immoral happening in today’s labour party.

I have never hid the fact I have always voted Tory, but respected Labour because they upheld values that were just as important to a Tory as to a labour supporter.

For instance…your chosen religion was not a matter of concern because we are a tolerant nation, but now it seems with the Obnoxiously anti Semetic Corbyn, McDonnell, Thornberry and Abbott in charge Labour has been reduced to a party of thugs and Nazis

It is about time the moderate MPs stood up and took their party back, and not because of whether you are or against BREXIT that in this matter is irrelevant, but because decent people like me are genuinely horrified that people like them have been allowed to continue unabated with such blatant discrimination.

The labour party is not fit for a democratic western society, and should be legally wound up.

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