Well what an awful 11 days I have had…..rushed to hospital with chest pains and boom….it’s Angina.

Does this get me down??? Nooooo…it has just given me the resolution to finally get myself healthy, as you can never really see yourself getting fat and yep that’s what I am.

Anyway the upshot is that it has frightened the life out of me, kick started my whole eating healthy plan and portion control…..luckily I don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

I have lost 7lbs already and am actually learning to love food and making meals, and researching what is good and naughty for you. I will be putting my ideas on here and please feel free to follow them if it helps.

I am very arthritic due to a RTA but can do this as I have 3 special little people who love their nana, and want to be here for them for decades yet. So tune in for the daily write up of meals, exercise plans and any tips that could change your situation.

Sue xx