Why is it a criminal offence to not own a licence? Surely it should be left for us to decide if we want to watch the BBC.

If we don’t want it then just like Sky…make the channel unavailable if not purchased, but to make it a criminal offence surely is an attack on our civil liberty of choice.

Even though I have had to purchase a licence as a law abiding citizen, I don’t want to pay over inflated wages for the over inflated egos of actors, nor the excessive salary of the directors. What I do want is CHOICE.

It is an archiac ruling that needs updating, because the BBC has the CHOICE to decide what they want to broadcast, surely I should have the CHOICE to pay to watch it or not.

It amounts to an infringement of liberty and choice, and a licence to print money, whilst holding the British public “hostage” to the threat of bailiffs, courts and loss of freedom for non payment.

The BBC knows fewer people would want to purchase a subcription voluntarily, and that they would run into difficulty in such a short period of time but that is progression.

Time to drag the BBC into the modern era.