Hospitals selling fruit

At Warrington hospital they have allowed a fruit and vegetable seller to set up a stall. The fruit is lovely, fresh and for instance the satsumas are huge. I purchased red apples, plums, cherries etc as well as all my vegetables and salad and all for a cost £25.00 per week.

I think it is a brilliant idea as the hospital encourages healthy eating, the seller is earning a living and the hospital getting paid for the stall.

The food to be purchased there is much nicer than any supermarket, and I will be a weekly customer. Well done Warrington, and let’s encourage more of this.

Diet Day 5

I have had a light breakfast and settled for my Benefit from Aldi.It is lovely with a splash of cold milk, sliced banana and blueberries. It was delicious

I then followed with a satsuma, and not bad for 3 out of my 5 a day already.

Dinner Diet Day 4

One piece of chicken, lightly salted and cooked on a very slow heat.

Cost £2.39 for chicken and divided between 4.

1 medium Cyprus potato, (35p) and frozen veg…£2.00 between 4) and gravy…(bisto ..usage was £0.40p)

All in all a lovely healthy Roast chicken dinner for £1.55 per person. It has filled me up and I don’t calorie count, but rather portion control and always make sure 1/2 of my plate are vegetables.

Only 3 days to the next weigh in…..