Surviving the Zeus stress test…

The Fenrir Hammer has survived the Zeus stress test. My son bought it for him at a cost of £15 with £5 postage is indestructible. Website below.

If you have a chewer like me it is awesome and you can put treats in the Hammer too. Available for all sizes.

“The Fenrir Hammer – Fenrir Canine Leaders UK”

One very happy pup…..

Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance…..

When the poster boy for a Bond Villain looks and acts like this ..

and the leader of the Free World is like this…..

Then the build up on the Ukraine by Russia is serious and deadly. Secretary of State Blinken is a failure and Afghanistan showed that….and Russia is not scared of the USA….after all Swampy Joe and Cackling Kamala are in charge.

The Ukraine will be overrun by Russia because no one is worried about the doddery old man in the Whitehouse. Funny how this never arose under Donald Trump. Like or loathe him ..he kept the peace because he was unpredictable, and you need that in a leader and Swampy Joe is weak, embarrassingly weak.

This is going to cost us the lives of our younger generations, and the sons and daughters of our countries are going to suffer the most, and all because of an old man out of his depth and very weak.

If you pick only one charity this year….pick this one.

Drummer Lee Rigbys’ son is with Scotty’s Liitle Soldiers. Jack and all the other children of our brave servicemen and women who lost their lives protecting our freedoms deserve our help and our love, and this charity is there for them.

Lets celebrate a hero….

In Dublin, Ireland, Brian, a retired man just living off a small pension, does something special every single night. He spends those nights making curry for homeless people. And every night, he makes 50 tubs of it. Brian is cooking volunteer for “A Lending Hand,” which is a non-profit organization that delivers meals and offers sleeping bags to those living on the streets in Dublin.

Brian stated: “I’m delighted to be able to cook and having been trained by a master chef from India. It gives me great solace to be able to bring a hot meal to those hungry and homeless.” And you gotta believe that it’s people like Brian who make this big old world a better place to live in.

Photo courtesy: A Lending Hand.

The passing of a legend…

Sad to read of the passing of the very talented Meatloaf.

The songs from Bat out of Hell album I belted out at the top of my voice in my youth whilst my parents suffered from my awful singing voice, have passed into the folk tales of our family and watching him in the rocky horror picture show showed why he was a voice of a generation. He was simply awesome.

Heaven is rocking now as Mr Bat Out of Hell has arrived. My condolences to his family and rest in peace.

Why is it always the intolerant left….

Who want to go to war? Biden and the Democrats are itching to get at Russia, they would because most of them would be the last people to grab a gun…fortunate sons and its other peoples children who die…not theirs.

The idiots ranting about Trump the War Monger stating he will cause a war, actually got the wrong man and it will be Swampy Joe protecting his son and his dodgy dealings with Ukraine who will cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of US Service personnel, and Donald Trump?? He took out one bad guy….legitimate target but Biden…nope wipes out a family of 10 innocent people.

Why is he not in a War Crimes Court for that? He murdered innocent people…mainly children.

Typical Democrats….when failing….start a war they cannot win.

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