Illegal Voters – aka how Labour plan to win seats…

A Labour-run council has been accused of illegally registering students to vote en masse. Around 850 students and under-17s in Plymouth were put on the electoral roll without having completed their own applications.

Some Conservatives in the city suspect the move is an attempt to boost the Labour vote by increasing the number of young voters, who polls show tend to vote for left-wing parties.

The same council was investigated over the same issue earlier this year, when 3,000 students were said to have appeared on the electoral roll without having registered.

This is how Labour won seats in areas that have always voted Conservative…the likes of Kensington and Canterbury and I guess getting away with it once, the Labour party plan to use the same trick again and again.

I guess the new Labour slogan is ‘if you can’t beat the Conservatives….cheat’.

The sad story of Kalief Browder

I am currently watching the very sad story of Kalief Browder on Netflix. He was a young man who at the age of 16 was locked up in Rikers, New York for a crime that he did not commit, and where he was refused bail. The charges were dropped …but only after delay, delay and delay….

3 years this young man was kept in Rikers and it really is a hell hole there, and for 2 years he was kept in solitary confinement. Outrageous, absolutely outrageous as he was a child….and all young people should never be shut away with nobody to talk too, as that is cruel and amounts to torture.

I find it hard to imagine that in this day and age and in a place like the United States of America that this could happen. He was the victim of brutality from both the inmates and the guards and he was just left living in that hell for 3 years. That is monstrous. He never recovered from the emotional and psychological damage he suffered, and sadly took his own life at the tender age of 22.

What brings home to me is that when you are poor you really have the dice cast against you, as all of this happened because he could not afford the bail, and when his family managed to get it together through borrowing the money he was denied bail and sent to a hell hole with no regards for his well being and definitely no care…….

My heart aches for the loss of such a young man. A young man with so much promise and who had not had the best start in life, and where everything that could go wrong with the legal system did go wrong with him, and how did that happen you have to ask yourself.

After his release he decided to sue the city for what happened to him and Browder continued to have symptoms of depression and he explained that;

“People tell me because I have this case against the city I’m all right. But I’m not all right. I’m messed up. I know that I might see some money from this case, but that’s not going to help me mentally. I’m mentally scarred right now. That’s how I feel. Because there are certain things that changed about me and they might not go back.” He also said, “Before I went to jail, I didn’t know about a lot of stuff, and, now that I’m aware, I’m paranoid. I feel like I was robbed of my happiness.”

If you have Netflix please take time out to watch this series on what was quite a remarkable young man, and I can promise you that your heart will ache and like me shed a tear for the loss of such a young person. A young person who was lost to a system that was stacked against him. A system that took such an innocence and tore him apart heart, body, mind and soul…..

I hope he found the peace that he saw desperately needed and one piece of good news is that Rikers is now being closed, but it still does not make it better for the family of this young man who was let down at every time.

RIP Kalief.

An act of forgiveness that truly humbles us all.

A Holocaust survivor interrupted the trial of a former guard at a Nazi concentration camp to hug the defendant and ‘forgive him’. Bruno Dey, a 93-year-old ex-guard at the Stutthof camp, is charged with being an accessory to the murders of 5,230 people.

Peter Loth, who was a child when he was held at the death camp in modern day Gdansk, Poland, made the gesture to the former SS-watchman during a hearing in Hamburg last week.The 76-year-old walked up to Dey and said, ‘watch out everyone, I’m going to forgive him’, before embracing the defendant.

Both men were brought to tears and I have to admit I don’t think I would have been able to forgive, as it takes a special person not to hold a grudge, as lets face it we are all human and a grudge is something we are all capable of enacting and keeping…..but like most of us it is for a reason that if you put it into comparison with what he went through, it really is for the pettiest of reasons….

My father was part of a unit that helped to liberate a concentration camp during WW2 and I learnt from an early age that the hatred my father felt for Germans was his grudge, and not once did I ask him would he ever forgive as I understood not what he had seen at such a tender age, as no one in our generation could possibly begin to comprehend…..yet Mr Loth can look at the monster in the face and forgive him.

The ability of some to forgive the most wicked of acts is something I cannot understand but admire deeply, and for me he is one of those unique people who are the good in this world, and maybe we need more of the likes of him….good people as I call them.

I am under no illusion that it must of been difficult for him, and that forgiveness has been the only way for him to move on. I know that I am not as good a person as he is and it would not have been forgiveness on my mind, but to move forward I guess that forgiving but not forgetting the past is what we need.

There is hope for the world when you have people like this…..

Donald Tusk – Gets more unlikeable by the hour.

EU chief Donald Tusk mocked Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers over their ‘take back control’ mantra today as he lashed out at populist politicians. The outgoing European Council head vowed to fight against ‘political populists, manipulators and autocrats’ as he addressed a meeting of centre-right politicians in Croatia. 

His words were partly targeted at increasingly autocratic leaders like Hungary’s right wing leader Victor Orban, but in a calculated jibe at Brexiteers he said: ‘In times of uncertainty, and most probably there will be no other times, when everything changes around us, and runs off in all directions, people want to be certain, that those in power will not abandon them, that they will not turn their backs on them. (from Daily Mail)

I have spent many hours watching the EU discussions for my OU course and had to sit and listen to Tusk and Junker again and again and again, and of course the person I really dislike is Guy Verhofstadt but it is Tusk who is the subject of this…..

He has behaved in a way that is childish and not in any way as that of a statesman. The EU and those who live in their taxpayer funded ivory towers have a specific hatred for Great Britain, they always have and from day one they have tried at every turn to belittle this wonderful Island, this jewel and I for one am getting fed up of having to listen to people who lets face it have been kicked out of office by their own people, and who by latching on to the coat tails of the monster that is the EU…have just extended their continued leeching from the taxpayers.

The likes of Tusk don’t care what democracy is, after all his own grandfather in 1944 was conscripted into the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany’s combined armed forces (he deserted in March 1945 when things go tough) and we all know what their idea of democracy was during that time, and if I remember rightly the stories my father told me having fought in WW2…there was a large portion of Europe who were determined to make us pay then and now, and It is actually pretty much aligned with the EU’s idea as they refused to accept referendum results, and force countries to vote again and again until they get the answer they want….then congratulate themselves with bottles of bubbly that costs thousands of pounds.

The problem with Tusk is that he and the other cronies who sit in that monstrosity have no idea of what it is to be British. He has no idea of the glorious history we have and how we have always fought back against tyranny, and that the more you try to push us the more we will retaliate, and all he can do is behave like a petulant child and mock those who we have put into power, and mock those who have voted for our own control and out of the clutches of the likes of him.

Lets face it, if anyone is a ‘political populist, manipulator and autocrat’ Tusk is the epitome of one and I would think the irony of it is lost on him as are the ideas of democracy, freedom and making your own laws. I seriously, seriously hope that Tusk, Junker and all the other buffoons in the EU just take their double gold plated pensions and just disappear quietly into the mists of time and are quickly forgotten…pretty much the way all failed politicians should be.

Jo Swinson and the Unliberal Undemocrats sliding down the popularity poll…..

Jo Swinson today tried to stop her party’s sliding poll ratings as she unveiled the Liberal Democrats’ general election manifesto with key pledges to stop Brexit and legalise cannabis.  The Lib Dems were riding high on 23 per cent in a YouGov poll at the start of October but the party has been sinking ever since with the latest survey giving it a support rating of just 15 per cent.

Ms Swinson attempted to get her party back on track as she unveiled her 100-page blueprint for Britain and launched a stinging attack on Boris Johnson. The Lib Dem leader criticised the Prime Minister and told activists at a campaign rally in London this evening: ‘Boris Johnson only cares about Boris Johnson.’ 

However, she conceded today that she is unlikely to win the election as she said such a result would require a ‘big step’ from where the polls are currently. But she insisted ‘it is certainly possible’ that she could still win a majority and become PM.

Cancelling the UK’s departure from the European Union forms the centre-piece of the party’s December 12 offer to voters as it seeks to win over people who backed Remain at the 2016 Brexit referendum. Ms Swinson is committing to spending a £50 billion so-called ‘Remain Bonus’ on boosting public services if the party succeeds in stopping Brexit. 

Where will the £50 billion come from? The same money tree that Labour is planning to raid. We will have to pay £39 billion now as we know the EU is just about money grabbing, and then what Ms Swinson is not admitting loudly is that to go ahead with her plans we will have to adopt the Euro…..this is another instance of a politician using smoke, mirrors and lies.

There will be no bonus as the EU we already know will up our bill if Swinson has her way, they will stop our rebate and make us pay to help cover the failing markets of Germany, and I cannot believe that she would be happy to just sign everything over, but then again she will be happy as her husband will keep his 3.6 million Euros he has given for his company, and dare I say that could go higher!!.

The constant campaigning for stopping Brexit to me shows that she is losing the plot. She states that stopping Brexit and revoking Article 50 will result in us all coming together as one great big happy family, and that people like me will just accept that because Swinson willed it….I will accept it, and that is bordering on insane.

To ignore the will of 17.4 million people sets a very dangerous precedence and all I hear from her is that there was only a small majority…but when I went to school a majority meant the larger number, and that larger number was always the winning result. God help these Lib Dems if they don’t retain their seats with more than 4% of the vote as I can see legal challenges heading their way.

The reason why the Lib Dems are sliding down the popularity pole is that at long last people are waking up and realising that they just do not like her. You have Brexiters who if ever the choice came down to a member of the monster raving looney party and her party…the monster raving looney party will get the seat, and you also have remainers who are appalled at her blatant disregard of people who have voted, as lets face it if she does it the once then everything she will try to do will result in legal challenge, after legal challenge.

I do respect her sense of humour though…especially when she explains that she could be the PM and that is what she is heading for. Well here is a bet….she will lose the 9 who walked from the lord knows how many parties to join hers….so that will take it down to 11 and I can see her gaining 19 seats at the most, and that will put her and her party in 4th place behind the SNP, but I was always told that God loves a trier….just the popularity polls don’t….