Are Americans not worried…

At how easily Jen Psaki has eased herself into the role of soothsayer of all mistruths, PR and BS. Ask yourself America how deep does this deception go??


Surpassing my total every day…

Today as usual I start the day by cheering myself up and looking at my statistics.

I am at 180% of viewers now than the whole of last year altogether. My blog site alone is nearing 41,000 visitors and my other platforms are soaring with hundreds a day.

I realise that I put a few political posts up, or current news items and then lots of facts or just really beautiful pictures, but all the news seems to be is doom, doom, doom and more gloom. Whilst politics makes the world go round, I also realise that at this precarious time people could be struggling….so more upbeat than down seems to work.

Thank you again to all those who take the time out to read my postings regardless of what platform you use, and your continued support is a huge motivation…so thank you.

The beauty of nature….

2,000-year-old seeds were discovered in 1963 inside an ancient jar in Israel. They were planted in 2005 and a tree that had been extinct for over 1800 years sprouted

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Methuselah (tree) sprouted back in 2005, when agriculture expert Solowey germinated his antique seed. It had been pulled from the remains of Masada, an ancient fortification perched on a rock plateau in southern Israel.

For a while, the Judean date palm was the sole representative of his kind: Methuselah’s variety was reportedly wiped out around 500 A.D.

At 2,000 years old, Methuselah’s seed isn’t the most aged to be used to grow a plant—not by a long shot. Back in 2012, a team of Russian scientists unearthed a cache of seeds from a prehistoric squirrel burrow that had been covered in ice. They eventually succeeded in germinating the 32,000-year-old specimens

The beauty of nature….

Hiding in this tree is an Attacus atlas, the amazing butterfly/moth who disguises as a snake, is the largest representative of the Saturniidae family and the largest moth in the world and originates from the Malaysian rainforests.

They hide and protect themselves by disguise in trees.

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