This is how a joke of a President makes a speech…

Waffling piffle should now be renamed Bidenology as nobody but him can understand his BS….

This is how a bad President drones on….

Just remember this in 2022 America…

Your Democratic party have voted to send 1400 dollars to mass murderers, murderers, rapists and child molesters commonly known as paedophiles to give them comfort. By the way…thats tax dollars and probably includes the victims tax dollars too…..not that the Democrats care about victims.

Not only that they want to release them early too, regardless of people wanting them kept behind bars.

With this shower in control America is looking more and more dangerous by the day…..

I think we already know

That Biden could not have won without cheating….

Disgusting that the Biden/Harris Administration..

Are smearing the good men and women of the Border Control, calling them racists and falsely accusing them of whipping illegal immigrants.

They literally threw people under the bus to try to try and divert their responsibility, that being they have lost control and shame on Jen Psaki for mouthing their lies. Guess she is a classic example of power corrupts as during the Trump era she was demanding transparency, and now like the rest of them….its a cover up. Tsk tsk shame on you.

Confirmed its the Hunter Biden laptop….

One of the first emails….he wants 10% of all deals from China that end up getting the ok from dad… The President.

The stench of rotten corrupt politics drift further and further out from the Whitehouse, and America you need to wake up…..

What you have to ask yourself is why did the mainstream media keep this away from the public?

Seems to get to Joe, you pay Hunter $2 million retainer…at minimum

Can you imagine if the Trump children had committed this type of fraud? It seems the American President can be bought…so long as you pay his crack smoking, crooked son a lot of money.

This Biden/Harris Administration is crooked full stop.

Harris supports an investigation….

Into the scenes of Texas Border Agents on horseback against immigrants. She will support an investigation….wait what!!!

Isn’t she the MIA Border Czar? Having been to the Border ONCE 750 miles away from the real problem.

Cackling Kamala and Swampy Joe did this, this is their fault and good people are trying to sort out their mess. Send them to the Border to sort it out.

Tell Swampy Joe it’s a trip somewhere new as he will have no idea where he is, having never been before. To blame others for their failings is typical of this useless duo.

Biden..dont care if Haiti sinks….

This is the real Biden….vicious and nasty..

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