Why do so many politicians just not listen?

As we draw nearer to the General Election and the excitement of the nation hits a riveting 1/10, can you look at the list of those standing and think “I trust them, and yes they are listening to what I want”? What do you want as a voter from those who supposedly act on our behalf? Me I want a politician to listen and just be honest and if I ask Santa hard enough I might get my wish, but won’t hold my breath as blue is not a healthy look.

I decided to study politics as I am fascinated by the comings and goings in Parliament and those who try and convince us that they are worthy of sitting in the arena where the likes of Churchill, Thatcher, Wellington, Cromwell and Disraeli sat and who in my opinion are currently failing the country miserably.

I often look back with what can only be described as fondness for the parliament of the 80s and 90s, and watching the speeches of Baroness Thatcher and her famous handbag and realising sadly that we shall never see her likes again, especially when you look at those who are standing. Do you feel that they understand what you as a person expect from them? Do they understand what your town expects them as the MP to do? I know that the MP here Faisal Rashid has no idea and with 3 weeks to a General Election he seems to be dipping into the fluffy cloud area of thinking that his sparkling wit and personality will do it despite his appalling record of ignoring the voters instructions.

For instance we have the usual interview with the local newspaper where he sits very comfortably behind his nice, shiny desk…. but no sight nor sound of him in the area (mind you he is not alone in that and you can read my running battles with the Tory candidate and his no shows continually), and you have to ask yourself has he given up? He did himself no favours today by writing in the local newspaper that he would vote remain in a second referendum as we are a town that voted out, and that is despite the promise he made to respect the referendum result. He has done the opposite and I feel very angry that he misled the electorate on this and this must never be allowed to happen again, and I am not the only one as the majority of the comments are telling him they are unhappy at his stance, and again we have a politician who is just not listening, and it will cost him….and a comment left read “I hope he leaves a forwarding address for his P45”. .

Another case of a politician not listening is Jeremy Corbyn, and it is laughable that he makes a speech to the CBI about how only Labour are the only true party for British Businesses (when not trying to crash them by forcibly buying back the utilities and trains for only a fraction of the cost, and no policies on investment…just borrowing and spending), for it then to be dismissed by the head of the CBI within minutes who openly tells him that the labour policies and spending will bankrupt the country, and unbelievable he thinks he is right and the head of the CBI is wrong. Yet again a politician who is not listening and I suspect does not care as true to form for most politicians they are riddled with narcissism and think only they know the answer, and that we should accept their wisdom without question!! Or as Diane Abbott stated “you cannot say Jeremy Corbyn is wrong on anything”….now I don’t know about you but that smacks of a North Korea dear leader statement and is quite scary that a cult is building up around him.

Labour cannot denationalise the gas, water, trains etc and stay in the EU as it is not allowed and is against their competition rules, and can you imagine the law suits, the fines by the ECJ and the disaster that will occur to the stocks and shares? Yet again we find another MP who is not listening, and whose insanity has affected others, MPs who would have been taken for quite sane in another life.

It is not only the Labour MPs who are not listening as we have had Tory MPs who have told the electorate one thing, whilst going on their merry way doing another and acting in way that can only be described as subversive. Can we really trust MPs when they stand on false promises in an election campaign to just get the seat and who become media slaves bagging all the air space…”of course we will respect the vote”, “there won’t be another referendum and we won’t be requesting one”……ding dong ding dong….”we want another referendum”….”they didn’t know what they were voting for”…etc etc etc…

We have Jo Swinson currently riding round in a large coach with her face plastered all over it as though it was a presidential campaign….yet she has no chance but is not listening. We have remain voters who although they voted to remain respect the out vote and want their MPs to enact the will of the people, and what does Swinson spout…”if there is no overall majority that she will demand another election”. Not content with helping to keep us in the EU and making us pay billions, she would demand another vote costing millions…but strangely enough won’t give Scotland the vote again. In fact how they are allowed to register themselves as Liberal Democrats is unbelievable as they are neither Liberal in their views, and definitely not democratic in trying to stop Brexit. It seems that the ambition of this woman knows no bounds when she is spending the electorates money, but I guess this is the start of it, and true form is just another politician who thinks the fluffy cloud area of her personality will win over the electorate.

There are a few MPs who I would class as honourable and that is Kate Hoey, Giselle Stewart, Sir Bill Cash, Mark Francois, Jacob Rees Mogg and Frank Field as they believe in the will of the people, and how sad that the majority have been harassed, abused and driven from their seats by the momentum mob. Since when was it acceptable to have such thuggery visited on our politicians?

Although on the flip side we have had politicians resort to the name calling, take the likes of Anna Soubry who refers to people like me as a Nazi and if I am told once, I am told a dozen times that I did not know what I was voting for in Brexit. So here I am ….being lied to by MPs, being insulted by MPs and having my IQ called into question. Since when was this acceptable?

The problem is that the current swamp desperately needs draining away, but those who are wanting to take their place are pretty much the same and despite the years of blatant disrespect by the MPs, it seems we will be voting in nothing more than another batch of career politicians whose only ambition is to serve themselves rather than the electorate. I despair.

Should we not hold our MPs to a greater account that any other individual? If we expect our heads of businesses to be held to a high standard then why not MPs? We allow them to be judge and jury over themselves which is a ridiculous way to uphold democracy. Take the case of Keith Vaz…he spent 18 months avoiding a disciplinary committee and managed to get another £105K out of the taxpayer plus at least £300k in expenses whilst telling the committee he was ill, and all the time having a ball visiting countries, attending get togethers that we pay for…and when finally held to account tells everyone through his media account that he is hospitalised….is this really what we expect and accept? It seems that it is as we do little to demand a change…….our voices remain silent.

I see today that the Conservative wannabe MPs have signed a pledge to respect the Brexit vote, but hey folks we had them stand on the promise at the election and then 75% of the MPs went back on their word, or as I like to call it…they lied. Can we really trust them to deliver their promise as it is the word of an MP we are being asked to trust, and this country cannot risk 3 more years of lies and self serving individuals, the cost to the nation in terms of democracy and monetary risk is just too high.

We should demand a code of practice before the new session of tax payer funded blood suckers take their spaces in the palace of Westminster and forgot conveniently all their promises, with the really annoying sentence of “I am doing this in the best interest of my constituents”…even though the constituents have spoken loudly, and seriously do we need mummying by someone who just ignores one of the largest voting results in the history of this country for their own political ambition.

I started this blog off with the question of why do MPs not listen and I don’t know the real answer because if I did I would probably never vote again in my life. After all, all that I am voting for is for someone either from the town or parachuted in to have a comfortable life for a number of years, employ their family members and leave with more houses than they started with….as that is all I see MPs are….blood suckers on my tax payments.

It is terribly disappointing to be studying politics and not because the course is wrong, as the OU are brilliant at pointing out how politics should be run and breaking down each segment, but the disappointment that we have excepted such mediocrity to sit in judgement on us. Lets face it, if we had the sort of service from dining out or buying from a store and we were faced with the lies, mis-service, mishandling and blatant abuse that we put up with in politics….we would kick off big style and demand the service member is sacked, spread the word and never go there again.

Why oh why oh why do we just accept such bad attitudes from MPs? It is time to demand a change and maybe the answer is to have a monitoring group of voters who oversee parliament and parliamentary abuses, but not for the law but for the conduct of MPs as they cannot be trusted, and maybe just maybe knowing they are under such outside scrutiny they might just listen to us.

Forked tongue speech of politicians.

I am just about to hit the bottom of despair regarding the forked tongue language of politicians and wannabe politicians and their inability to answer a simple question, and to answer it honestly.

I have spent months and months trying to get the politicians and those who want to be politicians to visit the end of town where I live, and true to form the Labour one has totally ignored the request….despite the fact 13% of the town’s voting adults living in the area I do, and the Tory PPC well….I was so excited at the prospect of him coming as advised and I asked casually what areas were visited as I literally live a 3 minute walk from the meeting point, and had not seen any flyers in the area and as of yet….no answer.

I have had one of the faithful ask me again and again to deliver flyers…but I cannot even get a full answer….so its a no from me as I just know that I will get handed the lot and that gives him a clear get out of coming here clause … but the answer I got was definitely a politicians answer from the faithful “cant remember the areas but we will making a visit with 2 boxes of flyers next time”. Strange because if you cannot remember the area…how would you know if you had done it!!!

Now that implies to me that there never was a visit as there have been pictures of every visit but not this one…..My local area is a place called Dallam and it did have a bit of a reputation years ago when I was a mere slip of teenager but it has improved hugely, and there are a lot of working class people down here….working hard and paying taxes and home owners…the perfect people that the Tory wannabe MP should be chasing but nope….

I get very protective of where I live because even within my own family a sibling has asked when I was moving???? I had not seen him for years and that comment reminded me why…but he struggles month in and month out to pay for a shoebox in the post part of town….whereas mine is all paid for and a large house in an up and coming area but true to form he has a certain way of thinking about my home area, and it is not true and it is one of those sort of avenues where everyone knows everyone, and where we are all friends and would help out in a heartbeat…a good old fashioned sort of place and one where we feel safe and where I love living.

People like the Tory PPC would realise this if he ever got round to asking people but I doubt he will, and I cannot hide my disappointment as it was announced with great fanfare (and probably to shut me up) that he would be spending a whole 3.5 hours in the area….yet no one saw him…there are no pictures of the visit on his face book….and no comments either. Yet this weekend pictures of visiting the affluent areas is posted all over his facebook account along with a running commentary.

The disappointment that I feel is real and I feel robbed as I told the local forum that he was visiting and it now makes me look bad…as no one can say if he did or did not arrive…..Yet when he visited the peripheral of Bewsey that was on his facebook but for Dallam nothing, and of course the forum will not believe anything I write about him again really.

This Tory candidate has visited the affluent areas at least 8 or 9 times since he became the candidate for Warrington South and none for this area, yet he wants our vote?? Why should we go out and vote for him when he cannot be bothered…and never mind a leaflet…knock on the damn doors and talk to people. After all you want their taxes to pay for your wages…so ask them what they want and let them at least think you will make a change even if only for a short while.

I cannot get over how in this day and age we are settling for so little and such mediocrity in our elected officials. I used to love the days of Baroness Thatcher and the theatre that was Parliament but now we have people who don’t care…not really and all they want are the letters MP after their names, the great pay and even better expenses as I cannot genuinely think of one thing that any of the candidates have done for this area….

Whoever gets in I plan to make them listen to this area as the people here are too important to me to be ignored, and they have been for years and it makes my blood boil to think that because we don’t have £350k houses that we are not considered worthy of spending time here. It is rude and it is unforgiveable and whilst I do not want Jeremy Corbyn in power…I am also torn about voting for the Tory PPC as I know that nothing will get done…yet his website and facebook will be full of letters written (never a follow up), committees they join and sticking their noses in where it does not belong…anywhere but actually dealing with the issues here in this town.

For the first time in my adult life I am seriously considering not voting, after all it takes at least 5 minutes to walk to the polling station and none of them are worth that 5 minutes effort.

I will carry on advocating for the people in the area to contact me when they get no reply from the politicians or wannabes and aim to make them answerable…and I have promised the local people that their issues are a major concern to me and that the thing I won’t do is lie to them, and that I keep them fully uptodate with how their issues are going, and be honest with them if I can’t help them and as one said to me …”pity those in Westminster can’t be like that” but unlike them I care, and unlike them I look at the people around and see equals. I don’t see an area where it is first time buyers, or where people have bought a home that is affordable but I see a community and a community that look after each other, and that is priceless and worth working towards.

Caernarfon Castle – A step back in time

Spent the morning visiting Caernarfon Castle. It was built by Edward I (Hammer of the Scots) and known as Longshanks and When King Edward I and his queen Eleanor first came to Caernarfon in the summer of 1283 it was barely a gleam in the eye of architect Master James of St George. They bedded down in timber-framed apartments in the middle of a building site instead….but fast forward and the birth of Edward II…the first foreign born Prince of Wales. It tells you further about the history of the people who occupied the castle and all the wars that went on ….. it really is a fascinating place.

The walls are 18 FEET THICK and if you have rather large feet…go down the steps sideways ….. but the first thing that hits you is my god how magnificent it is and how talented must the builders have been. It is just the showpiece of the whole town…..

It is impressive even now some 800 years later and the cost of getting in with a booklet was £25 for two and well worth the money, and they have a media show to start which shows the history of Caernarfon and how important the castle was. It takes you right through to the investiture of the current prince of Wales and was one of the best information videos I have seen in a long time.

Within the walls of the Castle is the museum of the Welsh Fusiliers and that is worth a visit in its own right. There is an impressive medal room and it reminds you of the bravery of servicemen throughout the centuries. It tells you all about the history of the regiment but be aware that it is over a couple of floors and due to my disability I struggled to get round, and had to leave it to Mr Points of Sue to view the rest, but I did get to see some VCs which was worth the pain and the struggle.

There is a small shop to purchase items from but just be aware that it can be expensive for some items but always worth a look and the whole tour can take 2 – 3 hours and the views are amazing.

Go for the weekend and feel relaxed within 10 minutes – Black Boy Inn – Caernarfon


I have just spent a very relaxing weekend at the Black Boy Inn in Caernarfon and it was wonderful. First of all for the HUGE 4 poster bed with ensuite kitchen and bathroom cost £205 which is nothing for such a glorious room. I was very surprised to be charged such a small price for such a large room but hey who am I to argue…..

I arrived 2pm on Friday and was met by a very friendly receptionist who couldn’t do enough for me and Mr Points of Sue to be honest, and she smiled and was very approachable throughout the weekend. (I never inform the places I am staying that I blog about them….as I want to experience the real them). The only drawback was we had to park by the castle, but it is a 5 minute walk away and you get a pass at no cost and it is safe and to be honest we did not miss the car at all.

We unpacked everything first before we moved the car and then RELAX……

We got back to the room and there was ample tea, coffee and hot chocolate and it was so clean and gorgeous. There was a hair dryer, a fan and the towels were so thick and warming nicely on the towel rack. I had to climb on the bed and felt like the Princess and the Pea and the pillows were of a high quality, the quilt lovely and thick and extra pillows and quilts were available in the walk in wardrobe.

There were two chairs and a table in the bedroom and a large TV on the wall and all the furniture was of high quality and then into the kitchen area. There was a dishwasher, fridge and a stocked cupboard with cutlery and pots, pans and plates. (The dishwasher tablets were even provided)….

There was a cooker and a microwave that were lovely, clean and tested and a kettle that did not spout the water everywhere. The whole kitchen area was clean, pleasant and had a seating area to eat too.

Then…..ta dah….the bathroom and that bath was huge. It filled up in no time at all and the water was hot at all times and I just sunk up to my neck in it and it was gorgeous and I stayed in there until wrinkly. (ha ha ha)….The inn had provided more than enough toiletries and I did not use my own at all and I know that some might find this weird but there was ample supply of toilet paper too as I have always ended up purchasing it before now…..

The room was warm and the heating on all night but it was just comfortable and very pleasant, and there is the added bonus of staying in a separate area from the pub and it was lovely and quiet and what made it more enjoyable was the sheer delight of the staff, especially the cleaning ladies who would help at any opportunity and that lovely smile hello and is there anything you need….went a long way.

The dining area for breakfast was great, lovely and clean and with plenty of staff to cater for your orders and included in the price was breakfast and Mr Points of View had a full Welsh Cooked Breakfast and it looked delicious….2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 bacon, black pudding, mushroom, beans, fried bread…and as much toast as he wanted. I myself had muesli first (3 different types in a bowl and walnuts too), followed by scrambled egg and salmon….(this morning I had boiled eggs and soldiers as they called it)….. it was simply lovely. There was ample cups of tea or coffee, fresh orange juice, sliced meats, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, cinnamon buns….everything you could think and you could eat as much as you want…..all of this with the room for £52.50 each a night…it is a bargain at half the price.

We found out later that the pub itself was from 1522 and used to be the red light district hundreds of years ago…and the history is written all over the place and it is simply stunning.

For dinner the first night we decided to eat in the restaurant and the diet coke was a tad expensive at £3.20 a glass but it is a business…..we had a sharing fish platter and Mr Points of Sue had the Oysters….not me…..it did not appeal to me….but the rest of it was delicious with the crab meat, the prawns, the welks, the muscles and the smoked haddock….and then we followed it up with whale and chips…..it was haddock again and it was HUGE and no way could we finish it but it was one of the best fish and chips I had tasted. (Mr Points of Sue decided to cook in the room on the 2nd night and just chill and chill we did).

The staff were so polite, helpful and you were not kept waiting and you felt as though you were their only customer….even though the place was full and there were people actually waiting for a seat. The price of the meal was £52.50 which is not bad for a lovely night in a historic setting, with great staff, good food and knowing that we had a lovely place to sleep.

All in all it was a fantastic place to stay and I recommend it highly and you will not be disappointed. It is a home from home and I know that Mr Points of Sue and I will be going back as I felt so relaxed within minutes of arriving and what a way to start the weekend!!!

What would you do with an ISIS returnee?

It seems that mad cap Erdogan has gotten round to the United Kingdom and they have now deported an ISIS murderer and he has been arrested at Heathrow.

I think it is highly unfair that I as a taxpayer have to pay for this man to be taken care of…after all he will have medicals, a place to sleep, be warm and 3 meals a day and yet we have some of our veterans with none of that.

Surely it is better to have 3 clear Sundays and drop him….that way we have virtually no costs and justice will be seen to be done, and the money spent on those veterans who so desperately need our help.

Statistics, statistics and more statistics…..

Tories have a 20-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour among working class voters, figures showed today.

Almost half (47 per cent) of less well-off people are planning to vote for the Prime Minister’s party, compared to little more than a quarter (27 per cent) for the main opposition, according to analysis by YouGov.

In a blow to Nigel Farage just five per cent of working class voters said they would vote for his Brexit Party.

In contrast the Conservatives have less of a lead among the better off with 29 per cent of wealthier voters planning to vote Labour, compared to 38 per cent backing the Tories and just three per cent for the Brexit Party.

I highly doubt that the wealthy will vote Labour especially as they hate people who have money (except them) and will tax you till you are broke.

Labour’s left and right hand never meeting in the middle.

It seems that even the shadow cabinet cannot sort out their lies to tell before they put it to the nation.

Jon Ashworth (the shadow health secretary) stated with much fanfare that the new 32 hour a week won’t apply to those in the NHS…(well that’s not a vote winner)…and that it will not cause any issues…super well getting that past the nursing staff would be a problem in itself but there is one song sheet, or so we thought than TA DAH!!!

Up pops Comrade McDonnell to say but that’s not true it will directly affect the NHS as they will be on the new contract of 32 hours a week. You had better hope guys that you are only ill from Monday to Thursday as the NHS will be empty for 3 days a week.

The upshot is that the Labour party cannot get their lies together to tell the nation and that is shocking. You would think they would at least have meetings to try and get the story right to con us with….but true to form the Labour shadow front bench are hysterical in their inaptitude and inability to even get a single story right.

I am so glad that I am a Conservative voter as imagine how disappointing it must be to realise that the posse of clowns on the shadow front bench is it…they are your idea of what a Labour party should be. I sympathise as it is almost akin to making a silk purse out of a sows ear…not gonna happen.

Surely those who vote Labour must realise that now is the time to let it go and catch the next one and hopefully you will get a shadow front bench not made up of anti Semites, terrorist supporters, idiots and clowns.